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For example: if your email address is, and you own the domain, you can set up using Email Forwarding. Emails sent to will arrive at

To learn how to manage your Email Forwarders, please use the following steps:

  • Login to client area
  • Click Domains > My Domains
  • Choose the domain that you want to create an Email Forwarder for and then click Manage Domain
  • Email Forwarding management will allow you to Add/Edit/Delete Aliases

Note: Our system will check that your domain name NS is pointing to our DNS, and Email Forwarder MX is configured correctly.

  • You can enable Email forwarder with one click “Enable Email Forwarding”, it will automatically add required MX records to your Domain DNS.
  • For manual configuration you may enable Email Forwarding by adding the following  MX Records to you domain
Name/Host/Alias TTL Record Type Priority Destination
@ or leave blank 3600 MX 0
@ or leave blank 3600 MX 10

Note: If you’re using DNS Management Service for your domain, you can click [Update MX Records] button to automatically update domain MX records.

Add Alias

  • Click the Add Alias button, a window will appear with the following information:
    • Source Address: Enter the email address you want to create.
    • Status: To activate or deactivate the Email forwarder
    • Click Add
  • After adding an Alias, success message will be shown
  • From Alias list, you can edit and delete created Aliases under Actions next to the required Alias.
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Updated on October 9, 2022

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