How do I forward my domain name to another URL?

To forward your domain name to another URL you need to create a URL record in just a few simple steps:

1- Sign in to your account.

2- From the side menu, choose Domains then My Domains

3- Click on Manage next to the domain you wish to forward.

4- From the middle menu, choose Name Servers to make sure that your domain is pointed to our name servers:

5- From the middle menu, choose Management tools > Manage DNS

6- Click on Add record

7- Choose ‘URL Forward’ as the record type and add the address you’d like to forward your domain to under the ‘record content’ field. (for example

8- You will also need to add an A record for the redirection to work properly.

9- Click on Add record & Choose A Record as the record type and point the A Record to

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Updated on October 9, 2022

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