Why is your bandwidth not “Unlimited”?

There are a few hosting companies quoting “unlimited” or “unmetered” bandwidth allocations. To the average customer this seems to be a very good deal. However if you check the TOS of those companies you will find that they have the right to delete your site without warning or refund should they feel you are using too much bandwidth. This is usually stated something like “excessive use” or “draining system resources”. They say this clause is to protect all users on their servers. The real issue is that they definitely have a limit but are not prepared to tell you what it is.

They need to have this clause because every GB of bandwidth (or data transfer) costs money. Many companies offering “unlimited” transfer have found that they cannot sustain their service without regularly removing accounts.

Libyan Spider Network Web offers high bandwidth usage to all our customers with no automatic removal of sites for exceeding their allocations. We tell you up front how much bandwidth you have each month, and show you, via your web site statistics, how much of that allocation has been used. If your website requires more bandwidth, we charge 10 L.D per extra GB, or upgrade your plan. It’s up to you



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Updated on October 9, 2022

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